Sharing is caring right? Well, not so much when it comes to how parenting really is.

Here are 5 daily things parents don’t share

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Sharing daily life is especially hard when adding a new addition to the family either a baby, a dog, or a goat. Any changes the dynamics lends to a major uproar in routine.

1. Kids stay in PJs all day, if we are at home: I always thought it had something to do with the child’s age and now I understand 100%. The rule is if they don’t leave the house they basically aren’t “dirty”. Don’t get me wrong, we do bath every night at 7pm (stay tuned for the night time routine blog). The question really is why dirty another outfit for all the kids? It always turns into a laundry day, this is why parents don’t share.


2. Once the tablet is introduced there is no going back, parents will use it by all means necessary: The tablet is notorious for being a huge distraction and commitment for kids and parents these days, and with good reason. It is so easy for it to become a babysitter of sorts. When you are out to dinner, attending a wedding, a car ride or anything else that requires silence for long periods of time, attention to detail, or the parent just needs a break from 10,000 repeatitive questions. Just give the kids their tablet. voilà

Both Pjs and tablet
Here is a classic photo of my kids with their tablet and pjs.

3. Fed is best, it doesn’t matter how you feed that baby: I know everyone says breast is best. Yes, in some cases breast is best but in others it is 100% fine if a mom chooses to pump or strictly formula feed. The baby having a full tummy is the most important aspect of feeding. Breastfeeding is hard, you never know how much the baby is getting, your nipples are sore for a while and it starts to feel like a 24/7 job. It takes so much time and if you are a working mom, a single mom, or a mother of multiple children, it is straight up draining. Women have a tendency of being super hard on themselves about being a “perfect mom”. It is impossible and grace is needed as soon as you get pregnant. For those of you who are pumping moms check out the blog about the Willow Pump, it will make your life so much easier.

Breastfeeding vs Formula Feeding

4. The kids coming to lay in the parents bed in the morning between the hours of 5-8AM is 100% acceptable: Yeah yeah yeah, we all know what the experts of sleep training say and all the rules around having your baby in bed with you. Something we also know, is if you can lay in bed for 7 more minutes with your eyes half open that is a WIN. I’m sure we aren’t the only parents in the world that turn on a movie at 6AM for our kids to watch, while we lay in bed trying to catch a few more Zzzz’s. If they are small get them a Doc-A-Tot to lay between you and your husband. If they are big just turn on Blippi and keep sawing those logs.

5. Figuring out dinner every night can feel like the hardest decision of the day. Chicken Nuggets and Mac-n-Cheese for the win: The dreaded question nightly between my husband and I, is 100%, what is for dinner? Quickly, it changes to I don’t know or I don’t care, anything is fine. It is a hassle, to get off work go to the grocery store and figure out a meal. Of course the best way to go about this is to plan out dinners every week. But honestly, that is a task in its self. So we get home and ask the kids what they want and it’s always mac and nuggets. My husband and I fight their craving and make some elaborate meal that neither kid eats. As one of us gets mad at the kids for not their eating dinner, the other preheats the oven and boils the water. Chicken nuggets and Mac for the win.

Come on Chicken Nuggets

I hope this post brought some giggles to the everyday struggles you live with us daily. I also hope it sheds some light on the things parents don’t share. If you are in the process of becoming a parent have fun with it. Making light of the daily drag is the most important part of getting though each day as a parent.

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