And here we are with Baby number 3 kids under the age of 4 years old. Bringing a baby girl into this world is such a beautiful experience, especially after 2 boys. Boys are so rough and tuff and this little babe is so sweet and delicate. Below is the birth of our baby girl.

Another planned c-section for this birth makes 3 in a row. I was more nervous about the actual surgery this time around yet so ready to meet our girl. The normal anticipation was all round me. How will breast feeding go, how much will she weigh, I sure hope the spinal block works. I hope I don’t get nausea like I did the first time I had a c-section. Wondering about what she will look like. And of course the tiny ity bitty chance its actually a boy or twins popped in my head a few times. This time around our moms come to town and with our boys the week we were in the hospital. It was strange being away from our boys.

I was happy for all the preparation I made prior to birth. This time around my nesting urge was non existent and I was dead tired by the end of my pregnancy. As a full time working mom, in college with 2 almost 3 kids, my energy doesn’t last long. I am glad I reviewed the Willow pump, and now I cannot live with out it. I will do an update to the review I made. If you haven’t read that blog click here. The Willow pump made returning to work at 6 weeks a breeze. The Willows suction and containers made it possible for me to see patients and pump all at the same time. I have a freezer full of milk because of that pump. Below are a few photos of the time we spent in the hospital.

Everything with my surgery went wonderful. The incision isn’t pretty but man this little girl is. It is always a weird feeling as a woman with c-section scars. It feels like an ugly part of your body when you first see it. But hearing your husband tell you he thinks it’s beautiful because it gave life to our children makes everything better. I am happy to report that the Birth Story of Our Baby Girl was exactly as planned. I had fears of her having blood sugar issues as her brothers both did at birth. She passed all glucose tests and we have been successfully exclusively breast feeding and pumping ever since. This was a huge accomplishment for me. My first two had to have formula supplemented from birth.

Introducing Olivia to my boys was one of the most amazing memories of this time I have. My boys are 4 and 2 years old. Her brothers are 100% obsessed with their little sister and try to play constantly. It was fun explaining our birth story of our baby girl to the boys. I never imagined the love that would exist in a family of 5. My mom and dad had 3 kids with 2 older boys and me (their baby girl).

I have been playing dress up since we met her. We have tried on so many outfits that I’m dying to get her into and ordering so many “girly girl” things. I love the bows, I love the frills and I love these little Chubby cheeks! I introduce miss Livie Jo!

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