Finding the best portable breast pump, The Willow!

Don’t spend another minute tethered to the wall. Join the revolution today and pump wherever life takes you with Willow®. Shop now!

I have watched videos, I have read the reviews, spent so much time on the website researching the best portable breast pump for working moms.

Comparing the highly rated and comparable Elvie hands free pump to the Willow.

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Breastfeeding mostly consists of hours of being attached to the wall. While stuck, the other kids run wild. Cordless is way better! As a working mom of almost 3 kids the need to make sure that everything is efficient is important. Pumping with ease, is a no brainer. Anything to make a working mom life with multiple kids life easier, is key. With taking a shortened maternity leave, choosing a pump that is hands free just makes sense. I always felt the worry and anxiety build while out and about because of the stress of finding a place to nurse. Not anymore!

After using a pump that has so many different parts. You learn that simple is better. My joy doesn’t come from washing a thousand pump parts, packing them for work and finding all the extra pieces when something goes missing. Wearable pumps keep the contained milk within the Willow is helpful while pouring the milk in the bags. The balancing act of holding the flanges while trying to open the bags is so annoying. Amazon sells the internal milk bags that the milk directly pumps into. How convent is that?

The only regret that comes to mind, is not getting this pump the first time around, it would have made the learning curve of nursing/pumping so much easier.

Which pump are you choosing? Why? Comment below and tell me why you picked the one you purchased!

A few other products that I recommend to aid with the whole journey of breastfeeding are fully herbal organic from Earth Mama, Specifically the Nipple Butter, Herbal Tea, Breastfeeding support link below. For more postpartum support click here.

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