Now 29 weeks, I lay awake at night thinking of all the items to add to the list to prepare for having another baby. As a Mom of 2, prepping for #3, I have compiled a list of things to buy/do before baby arrives, so other moms don’t have to.

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The biggest items on the list start with a bassinet, breast pump & bottles, diapers & wipes, clothes and a car seat. There are many other tasks to complete before the bundle of joy arrives. When to complete the nursery? Before baby is born or after? Have you found a pediatrician? Have you considered a birth plan? Touring the hospital you are delivering at is very helpful to easy the mind.

Who will come to help when the babe is born? Is your spouse taking time off? My situation is a little different because all of our family lives out of town. So we will be preparing for long visits, not just pop ins to help. Choosing your favorite comfort meals to freeze beforehand is very helpful.

Depending on if this is your first or 5th baby, what are the other kids going to do while you are on maternity leave? Go to school? Daycare? Be at home? My kids are 2 & 3 so they will be home with me, all hands on deck! Phew I’m tired already!

Have you had a baby shower? I always feel that nesting kicks in once you have all the baby things to wash, sort and organize. How do you feel about having baby showers if you already have multiple kids? I had a baby shower for my first born (boy) then skipped for my second boy but a few weeks ago we showered this little girl with all the love.

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