How to choose a baby name: Is it always a daunting task? No, it can be fun!

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The number one question that everyone wants to know when you are pregnant is what your name you will choose for your baby. Choosing a baby name is one of the most difficult aspects of having a baby.

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Do you choose a family name, such as a grandparent, parent or sibling. Is it better to choose a name that isn’t connected to a family member? For a lot of people, just so that you don’t have to choose a family member. We discussed that we didn’t want to use our moms names or their middle names for our 3rd baby. Even tough, we are having a baby girl this time around we didn’t want to choose between my mom or his mom. Our boys have our dad’s names. For the first name for our first born, and the middle name of our second born son.

Is it easier to google a list of names and start at the top? With all of my children I used this method to start the process. At least we were able to get on the same page with a short list of names. You can purchase baby name books on amazon or at a book store if you like to highlight names. I always look up how many years the name has been popular. My name is Ashlee, the most common name in the decade of the 80’s, possibly even early 90’s. I always had multiple girls in my classes with my name, must of the time with different spelling, but still.

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When choosing a baby name, going though the list of who you know with that name is kind of fun. It can be funny when a name is mentioned and it is name of someone myself or husband dated or had a crush on. There is always a name that comes up that is a quick “ew” name, an absolutely NO name. There are names you will love and your husband will hate. Deal breaker names, names that mean so much to you but you can’t for whatever reason use them. It is a process!

Compile a short list of few names that you both agree on and choose when the baby is born? I personally, love to have a name before we meet the baby. Talking about the baby without a name is impersonal. I would rather have a name that we may change and call the baby a nickname until we decide. I like to build that relationship prior to birth.

Comment below and tell me who your choose your baby names and if you think it is a hard process.

30 weeks pregnant, and trying to figure out what we will name this little babe.

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How to choose a baby name

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  1. We took a list of city names in the states we were from and that’s kind of how we got Lincoln. But I had some hard rules of what I was looking for! I can’t wait to find out sisters name 🙂

    1. That is such a good idea!

  2. We chose family names for our kids! We both had family names picked out since we were dating and got lucky that we got to use our top boy and top girl name!

    1. We love family names! They are special to our family as well!!

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