The birth of my second born son, Henry was a planned c-section. This birth was far different from my first experience. It felt more like a trip to the dentist not so much like I was having a baby.

Henry age 2
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History of Henry

A little history on my pregnancy with Henry. I had gestational diabetes and I was on a pretty strict diet the whole pregnancy. I was monitoring my blood sugars 4 times per day with a finger prick. I will post about having gestational diabetes soon. One major difference with my second pregnancy was the fact that I had a toddler running around while pregnant. It is a game changer! I totally took advantage of the naps and rest I got with my first pregnancy. When all I had to take care of was our dogs. Chasing a toddler 8 or 9 months pregnant is a different ball game and another level of fatigue. My second pregnancy had little to no morning sickness and the normal aches and pains. The round ligament pain was worse with Henry. I was told my belly was just stretching like a rubber band. lovely.

The Birth Plan

From the beginning of this pregnancy, I knew that I would have a planned c-section. My doctor decided that based on the size of my last baby a repeat planned c-section would be the best. As mothers, we all know that mom guilt is real. We must do eVeRy tHiNg perfect at all times. If not we guilt trip ourselves until the next thing comes up. I felt guilty that I hadn’t experienced “real” birth. Somehow, I felt that I was less of a woman for not having a baby the old fashion way.

At the time I didn’t express those feelings outward because once again mom guilt is mostly an internal battle. I am still 100% birthing this baby and has nothing to do with how womanly I am or not. Looking back there is something kind of amazing about having a baby in 26 minutes and getting on with the day.

The Actual Planned C-section

The morning of the surgery, my husband and I arrived at the hospital 2 hours early. We checked in, sat in a waiting room for a while and talked about meeting our little boy. The wait seemed like forever. We were okay with spending the last few minutes in reflection and appreciation. The wait in the pre-operation area was the longest. Paperwork, vitals, monitoring and more questions.

in pre-op

The called us back to the operating room, I walked myself through the doors. Once I was in the operating room I was asked to sit on a table. Nervously, I waiting for the anesthesiologist to ask all of his questions. Then he went on to teach me about what a spinal block entails. My husband came in just in time to start the surgery, at 8AM prompt.

By 8:26AM our new little boy was safely delivered in to the world and laying in my arms.

Nothing can prepare you for the birth of your baby. It doesn’t matter how much planning and preparing you have done. It is always different and more exciting, terrifying, emotional and different than you could believe. Once that baby is in your arms. I prepared differently for this birth than I did for my first birth experience. They are both incredible stories to tell and they both have their own vibes. As I sit here typing this blog. I am 33 weeks pregnant with baby #3 and we are eagerly waiting her arrival. I am preparing differently for this birth differently as well. Stay tuned for the prep and delivery of our little lady.

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