Are you a plant lady? Do you know a plant lady?

Hi there, you do now! It all started for me by just being a lady with plants. Now, I’m pretty sure I qualify as a full blown plant lady! The COVID-19 pandemic made it easy to form a plant obsession. Gardening, house plants or outdoor plans, became very popular. We have multiple different species and each has different qualities we look for. The plants, that make it into our house add some kind of benefit to the internal environment. Air filtration and medicinal benefits are two easy to find uses for plants inside the home or office.

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What are your favorite plants? Do you like plants that require full sunshine, or no light at all?

A dried plant is nothing but a sign to plant a new one

Priyansh Shah

Do you know the trick for watering?

The amount of water poured on a plant doesn’t matter. Proper drainage is a deal breaker, and you are using enough water, your plant will thrive. The rule for over watering isn’t the quantity of water it is the frequency of the watering and lack of drainage. I have selected some of my favorite pots with great drainage for a variety of different plants. Some of the plants in my house include, spider plants, orchids, fruit plants and trees, fiddle fig trees and many more.

What was your first plant? Our olderst plant inside our house is 13 years old. It came from my late Father-in-Laws house. Do you find it hard to keep plants alive?

I hope that helps! Comment below any plant related questions, I would love to help!

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