Every mother that has given birth or prepared to have a baby, thinks about the end game. There is a huge difference between the birth plan vs reality.

Sure, we can talk about the people that have their babies on their actual due date, natural without a hitch but that’s not always how it goes, that is the perfect the birth plan. There are so many questions that run through an expectant mother’s mind. Should I get an epidural? This is one of the first that pops up when thinking about delivery and in my eyes the answer is YES! Will I have a C-Section? Also a yes, for me.

Earth Mama has a free birth plan, if you would like to learn more about it click here. To go straight to the birth plan click the link below.

Earth Mama’s Free Birth Plan

Let’s go back to the beginning and talk about the first time I went through the reality…

Around 32-34 weeks, is when I received the “birth plan paper” at my doctors office. I got home that day and I started filling it out. I was eager to get my perfect plan in writing. A variety of different topics to google. Do I want essential oils diffusing while giving birth? What music play list should we play for the baby to hear when he’s born? Should I request a birthing suite with a birthing tub and the jacuzzi option? My plan was to have a natural birth and I wasn’t planning on anything going differently. The doctors office gave me a little packet at my maternity navigator appointment that had a booklet called “C-section: everything you need to know” and I basically threw it away as soon as I left the hospital. Huge mistake, I would later figure out.

Getting my IV to start the induction process: not part of the birth plan

The Induction

At 40 weeks and 4 days, I scheduled my induction. I was 100% sure I would go in to active labor, just like what you see in the movies. That not only didn’t happen, I also didn’t progress past 1cm prior to induction. The birth plan, clearly stated that the process should be as natural as possible. I went in to the hospital on a Wednesday night to start the induction process.

We settled in to our room, I received my IV, and instructions from the nurses and doctor about the plan of action. At 11PM, we were left alone in our room to relax and let the medicine called Cervidil to work its magic, it was a long night ahead. Around 8AM the next morning the nurses came in and checked me, I was at a 2. They ruptured my waters and I thought we would be off to the races.

Hours went by with nurses coming in and out of our room. They would check me, turn up the Pitocin then leave the room again. Come back in make me switch to my other side and go back out. Hour after hour. Early afternoon, they came in with the anesthesiologist and received my epidural. I was so nervous to get the epidural but the contractions at this point were gearing up and I wanted to be able to relax and get some rest before pushing. The nurses switched in the afternoon and the new nurse came in to check me. I was at 4 cm, she seemed like she expected more progress but said everyone is different. The hurry up and wait aspect of giving birth is something that I didn’t expect. It is a lot of waiting time and hours of time passing.

8:00 PM: GO TIME

Being in labor all day is exhausting. The word tired was an understatement, I was exhausted from laying around in labor all day. At 8:00PM, my doctor arrived and told me that he was worried about the progress, and I was only at 4cm dilated after hours. They had increased the Pitocin to the max about they felt comfortable with and the baby may go in to distress. He recommended a C-Section. At this point I was more worried about the baby and the whole entire birth plan went out the window. I talked to my husband and we quickly decided that we need to get the baby out ASAP.

The C-Section: 9PM

The nurses wheeled me back to the operating room and my husband and I both were so excited and nervous to start this process. I was very nauseous and shaking from the process thus far. The only thing that mattered was a safe delivery. My husband was instructed to wait outside the operating room, while the doctors and nurses got all the prep done, I am sure he felt like it lasted forever. There were so many nurses in the room moving in all directions, it was quite a whirlwind. I was laying there remembering back to when I was leaving the hospital, the day I threw away all the C-section paperwork. I had no clue what I was about to go through or how this would go down.

C-sections, are a whole different experience than I was expecting. no one told me to prepare for my milk to not come in for 5 days or the gas pains or the pressure that I would feel after it was so painful. The doctors and nurses did an amazing job. The C-section was perfect! The baby was healthy, and he ended up weighing 9lbs 13oz. The doctor said his size is why I didn’t progress past 4 cm. The baby never engaged with my cervix, and he was too big of a passenger for the passageway.

Coming Home

My story ended with a happy ending. Mom and baby were healthy and we ended up having to go to the NICU for low blood sugars. I will write a blog about gestational diabetes in the near future. After 5 days in the hospital we were able to bring our baby home. After it was all said and done, I realized my expectations for having the perfect birth plan was silly. My birth was perfect for my baby boy and nothing I would have planned would have changed the way it turned out. New moms out there, please give yourself grace and be patient with the process. You got this!!

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