The question has been on my mine in the past week is what do I put in my hospital bag for delivery?

Maybe it’s nesting starting or maybe its anxiety.

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There are two types of bags, one for Mama and one for Baby. It is a lot of work figuring out what to put in my hospital bag for delivery. Everything you need on a daily basis is what you need to pack in the mom bag. Everything that you want for photos, and firsts in the baby bag.

Baby Delivery Bag: The Fun Part

Let’s start with the bag its-self, my FAVORITE diaper bag is the Coffee and Cream by Itsy Ritzy. I will link it below. It the most functional diaper bag for your first baby. It large enough to accommodate multiple children on a zoo trip. The features on this bag are a dream. A built in changing pad, dry storage for extra clothing. A cloth safe place for your sunnies or camera, stroller straps and much more.

This is a great option that I have been drooling over with baby #3, Pottery Barn Kids diaper bag.

Start washing all the goodies from your baby shower in baby detergent and start packing. See what is best for the new baby photo ops. I have ordered custom name blankets from Etsy. Their blankets soft, adorable, affordable and arrive quickly in most cases. There is something precious to me about taking their photos with their name blankets. Don’t forget your matching onesies for mom, dad and baby!

I will link the Etsy store that I have purchased all 3 from here.

Custom blanket from Etsy store https://www.etsy.com/shop/KindandCozyShop?ref=yr_purchases

The precious coming home outfit, the new little socks, the burp cloths. Little bows or little hats depending on the time of year and style. Plus extra little items I like to throw in for the baby. Gifts from other siblings as a peace offering, baby bracelet for photos. A birth gown that matches mom, little diapers and gentle wipes, just incase. The hospital sometimes will provide diapers, wipes, formula, and tiny bottles if needed.

The maternity navigator can tell you what specific items are needed for your hospital stay.

Tip: call and ask before you start packing.

Moms Hospital Bag: Daily Essentials

The mama bag needs your daily life inside. Packing your toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, a beach towel (hospital towels are the worst), a robe, slippers or bath shoes, loungewear (I just tagged the most comfortable nursing set on my Facebook). Throwing in nonslip socks from home are a nice touch so your toes don’t touch the hospital floor. Items for starting the nursing process are nursing pads, nipple cream and nipple shields (life saver). Packing the Always underwear that are similar to depends is a small token that one of my mom friends shared with me and there is no turning back. They beat the giant pad and mesh underware that the hospital provides.

Packing a small bag of makeup, including chapstick, cleanser, and moisturizer. Hospitals have dry air and it will dry out your skin and lips.

A few electronic essential items are phone charger, camera and charger, computer and charger. Portable sound machines are helpful in hospital, to drown out the sounds around your room. There is a lot of downtime after the baby is born. You will spend so much time staring at your new baby.

The Dad Bag: Last but Not Least

The dad bag is the catch all bag. This is where the snacks go, the drinks, and the rest of the back up items needed. Dad will need clothes, his toiletries, phone charger, a towel, shower shoes and Pjs. Making sure he is comfortable is going to make the stay more enjoyable for all. My husband packs a sweatshirt and sweatpants along with teeshirts and shorts.

Don’t forget to throw in a soft blanket and bed pillows, but make sure you have colored pillow cases so they don’t get confused with hospital pillows.

No matter what you add after you get the essentials is totally up to you. This is a great starter list to get the process going. If you need a list of Baby Must Haves click here.

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